Are Shiatsu Massage Chairs Good for You: Useful Info for Buyers

Are Shiatsu Massage Chairs Good for You Useful Info for Buyers
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Shiatsu is a type of massage therapy that combines traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine and originated in Japan. The treatment has been around for centuries, and with growing technology, has even been incorporated into many massage chairs.

No longer do you need to visit a masseuse who is licensed to practice shiatsu therapy since you can purchase your own chair.

The question remains: "Are shiatsu massage chairs good for you or are you better off seeing a professional?

How Does Shiatsu Massage Work?

Traditional methods of shiatsu massage utilize the fingers, thumbs, and palms to apply pressure to various pressure points on the body. The technique is said to release endorphins, promote relaxation and energy, and help to relieve stress, pain, and illness.

This massage also helps to regulate the central nervous system as well as stimulate blood circulation and correct a variety of issues. It is the method of massage that most people turn to when they require multiple areas to be targeted at once.

How Does Shiatsu Massage Work

Having been used since the 18th century in Japan, the art of shiatsu is internationally known and widely practiced in traditional western medicine, holistic medicine, and eastern medicine.

According to experts, more than 40 million Americans receive shiatsu massages each year. They also suggest that more than half of Americans who have discussed sore muscles and massage with their physicians have been recommended shiatsu massage therapy. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Shiatsu Massage Chair?

There are far more benefits to using massage chairs than there are cons. In fact, the only cons that we were able to come across for shiatsu massage chairs are all superficial, and none of them is related to having a negative impact on your health.

While these chairs are incredibly heavy, typically very expensive, and do have a weight limit, their overall health benefits appear to be well worth the price. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

  • Muscle relaxer: Muscles go through a lot of stress and tension throughout an average day, and that tension only amplifies when you take part in strenuous activities such as rigorous sports, workouts, and even poor posture. Using a shiatsu massage chair helps to relieve your muscles of the stress that they endure by releasing the tension and encouraging blood flow.
  • Great for skin: You might not think it’s possible, but shiatsu is incredible for the skin. The carefully placed rollers of a shiatsu chair softly work over the back, legs, and feet to increase circulation and blood flow. The natural flow of your blood helps with skin rejuvenation, which prompts it to have a healthier glow and even appear more youthful.
  • Abdominal pain: Most of the time, abdominal pain and cramping are caused by constipation, or with females, menstruation cramps. While shiatsu massage chairs don’t target the abdomen itself, the rollers do massage the lower back, which can significantly improve any abdominal discomfort you feel. The vibrations can also help with encouraging bowel movements that constipation otherwise prevents.
  • Maintains energy: Muscles get a solid workout every day, regardless if you’re exercising or not. If you suffer from low stamina or fatigue, shiatsu massage chairs can be the answer to your problems. The tension that gets released from your muscles during the vibrating massage brings your entire body into a state of relaxation that promotes energy storage.
  • Helps with insomnia: Lack of sleep can not only bring you down mentally, but it can have a negative impact on your muscles, and cause them to feel more tense and stiff than if you had a proper sleep. Shiatsu massage chairs alleviate the stress and tension in your muscles and encourage blood circulation. The healthy flow mixed with the state of relaxation from the massage help to produce melatonin and assist with the symptoms of insomnia. 

How Do Shiatsu Massage Chairs Work?

Since traditional shiatsu massage uses the fingers, thumbs, and palms against crucial pressure points to release muscle tension and encourage blood flow, it’s only natural that the chairs are designed the same way.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

Instead of fingers, multiple rollers are built inside of the shiatsu chairs and positioned to vibrate against specific parts of the body to help relieve the tension. The chairs use acupressure technology that targets these areas and provide different levels of vibration intensity depending on the location that is getting treated. 


After thoroughly looking into the practice of shiatsu, the technology used in shiatsu massage chairs, and the benefits and cons that come with using them, we’ve determined that yes, shiatsu chairs are good for you. Remember, when asking “Are shiatsu massage chairs good for you?”, the benefits are better than the superficial cons.

While purchasing one might seem expensive now, it’s cheaper in the long run, and you can’t put a price on your health and wellness. The only suggestion that we have is to make sure that you’ve thoroughly looked at the features of the chair that you are interested in, and also note any weight limits that it might have to ensure you have no issues.

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