Best Handheld Massagers of 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Handheld Massagers of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparisons
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Handheld massagers have made it easier to relieve soreness and pain. Most people aren’t able to afford to visit a physiotherapist regularly.

This is when these units are the handiest, as they give you great massages for a one-time investment.

With the help of one of these five models, you’ll have the best handheld massager to use every day.

Comparison Chart

PUREWAVE™ CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

Back Massager, Ohuhu Electric Back Massagers Percussion

Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager Electric Back Massage

Percussion Back Massager with Heat

Best Handheld Massager Reviews

1. Purewave Dual Therapy Massager

If you’re looking for a massager that does it all, the Purewave Dual Therapy Massager is a great option. Not only does it offer traditional vibration therapy, but it also has percussion massaging as well.


The best features of the Purewave Dual Therapy Massager include:

  • Dual-motor function: With the combination of percussion and vibration technology, your muscles will easily improve. You’ll be able to relax any spasms, create healthier muscles, and break any knots you might have.
  • Access to educational videos: When you order the Purewave Dual Therapy Massager, you also get videos. These videos unlock a lot of information to teach you how to use the massager effectively.
  • Ergonomic, easy reach: The handle of the massager is designed to make reaching all areas of your back easier. It’s also very comfortable to use due to its ergonomic handle.
  • Cordless design: Instead of being chained to a cord while using your massager, this unit is entirely cordless. This makes it easier to use when reaching hard-to-reach areas.
  • Multiple attachments: There are different attachments included with the massager. Compared to other handheld units, these attachments are far more versatile. You can target your back, legs, and even your face. The patented facial motor helps to alleviate stress or tension in your jaw.
  • Professional uses: You’ll find that plenty of professional physiotherapists will benefit from using the Purewave Dual Therapy Massager. Not only is it easy for people to use at home, but also for professionals to use on clients. This is because its technology is said to assist with speeding up recovery.


  • check
    Useful for full-body massaging
  • check
    Can be used by professionals
  • check
    Assists with athletic injuries


  • Performs poorly with too much pressure
  • Doesn’t give a deep massage like nodes
  • Poor battery life

2. RENPHO Handheld Massager

As another handheld massager that offers cordless versatility, the RENPHO Handheld Massager is a more affordable solution. With the help of percussion massage, you can work out kinks and pain with ease.


The main features of the RENPHO Handheld Massager include:

  • Percussion technology: Instead of traditional node massagers, the percussion technology is more comfortable. The short pulses sent into your muscles help alleviate stiffness and pain. This device provides 3600 pulses per minute.
  • Adjustable speeds: Similar to other handheld massagers, you can adjust the speed of the RENPHO Handheld Massager. There are four different speeds and three different strengths.
  • Auto-shutoff: After 20 minutes of continuous use, the massager will turn itself off. This helps prevent overheating.
  • Cordless: Without needing a power cord, you can easily maneuver the RENPHO Handheld Massager in any way you desire. You can also bring it with you during long-distance trips or to work.
  • Interchangeable heads: There are five different massaging heads that you can choose from including three-point, three-intensive, curved, round, and one-point heads.
  • Extended battery life: With a full charge, the RENPHO Handheld Massager will last up to 140 minutes.
  • Adjustable intensity: You can use the “+” and “-“ buttons to fully adjust the intensity of the massager.
  • Integrated safety feature: Although this might be inconvenient for some, the built-in safety is important. It prevents you from using the massager while it is charging. This not only prevents the device from overheating but also protects the longevity of the battery.


  • check
    Easily adjustable
  • check
    Comfortable to hold
  • check
    Multiple attachments are useful


  • Poor charging
  • Poor battery longevity

3. Ohuhu Electric Back Massager

The Ohuhu Electric Back Massager is very versatile as it comes with multiple settings. It also has interesting features that make it easier and more comfortable to use. If you want an affordable yet functional massager for everyday pain relief, this model is great.


The key features of the Ohuhu Electric Back Massager include:

  • Three removable heads: There are three different attachments that you can use for different types of massages.
  • Adjustable intensity: You can adjust the intensity of the massager easily with the speed features on the handle of the device.
  • Non-slip grip: Built with a rubber grip, you’ll find that the Ohuhu Electric Back Massager is easier to hold. It is also far more comfortable than other massagers that simply have plastic grips.
  • Double-head massager: This device is designed to emulate the feeling of an in-person massage. The dual-head massager offers a professional deep tissue massage.


  • check
    Doesn’t accidentally catch hair
  • check
    Offers a serene therapeutic feeling
  • check
    Relatively strong massage


  • Cannot be used on the face
  • Slightly heavy

4. Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager

This is one of the more impressive massagers on this list. It comes with many adjustable features, interchangeable massage heads, and more. If you’re currently searching for a more personalized experience, this is the massager for you.


The key features of the Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager include:

  • Six interchangeable heads: You can choose from six different attachments. Each is made from ABS or silicone for optimal comfort and focused massaging. You will receive an intensive massage node, a round massage node, and a pinpoint massage node. All massaging heads are available in ABS and silicone so that you can choose the most comfortable material.
  • Thorough instructions: If you’ve never used a handheld massager before, there’s no need to worry. This unit comes with detailed user instructions. You’ll be able to learn about the benefits of the device. You will also be able to know how to change the heads easily and the most efficient operating methods.
  • Adjustable speed levels: No matter if you’re looking for an intense or soft massage, there are options available on this product. By using the rotatable control, you can choose the perfect intensity level for your body. This is ideal for people who have found other massagers to be too intense for their liking.
  • Intense percussion frequency: By putting out 3800 pulses per minute, the intense percussion frequency helps to stimulate your muscles further. It aids in improving blood circulation to make your muscles healthier as well.
  • Ergonomic handle: The anti-slip and contoured handle is designed with your comfort in mind. The Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager is far more ergonomic than other handheld massagers.
  • Optional heat: If you’re looking for a little extra soothing power, you’ll love the heat function. You can choose to turn the heat on or off depending on your preferences.
  • Built-in overheating protection: There’s no need to worry about the device getting too warm. This is because the Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager has built-in overheating protection. When the unit gets too hot, it will automatically turn off and cool down.


  • check
    Easily gets to hard-to-reach areas
  • check
    Fantastic for arthritic pain
  • check
    Easy to use with limited mobility


  • Heat needs to be manually turned off
  • Could be too heavy

5. Mo Cuishle Percussion Back Massager

As another back massager with heat, the Mo Cuishle Percussion Back Massager is a great alternative. No matter if you’re dealing with a sports injury or chronic pain, it can help your muscles.


The key features of the Mo Cuishle Percussion Back Massager include:

  • Multiple benefits: This massager does many things. After your first use, you’ll find that it helps to alleviate acute pain. Over time, you’ll start to notice improved mobility in your problem areas. Eventually, most signs of chronic pain will be reduced, and your muscles will also be healthier.
  • Improved built-in heat: Compared to other massagers with heat settings, the heat in this device actually touches your skin. This helps to penetrate your deepest tissues to help them relax and become more mobile.
  • Powerful percussion: There are 3900 pulses per minute that the Mo Cuishle Percussion Back Massager provides. This helps to work your muscles along with the rotating heads on the massager.
  • Variable speeds: To find the right speed and intensity, you can use the adjustable features to find the most comfortable settings.
  • Ergonomic handle: Similar to most other handheld massagers, the ergonomic handle is comfortable. It offers an anti-slip grip and a streamlined design so that you can take care of hard-to-reach areas.


  • check
    Attachments work well
  • check
    Well-balanced and easy to hold
  • check
    High-quality materials


  • Gets heavy after long periods
  • Corded
  • Poor heat function


Our final choice for the best handheld massager is surely the Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager. It’s incredibly affordable, gives you the most benefits, and is highly customizable.

What you’ll like the most about this massager is all of its attachments. With six different heads that you can use to target different areas, you’ll have a full body massage with ease.

You’ll also find that with the ergonomic handle, it’s easy to use. Even if you have limited mobility, you can easily massage yourself.

There’s nothing better than having percussive, deep tissue, and heat massaging in one. With the Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager, you’ll be able to alleviate immediate pain, work on chronic pain, and improve the health of your muscles.

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